A conversation with Wang JianQuiang

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President and CEO, Langfang Joson Fine Chemicals Co., Ltd. (China)

AEROSOL EUROPE: Mr. Wang, in November of this year we met at the 7th International Aerosol and Metal Containers Exhibition (AEROTECH) in Ningbo. What was your impression of this congress and exhibition?

Wang JianQiang: This exhibition drew the elites from all over the world and we shared the results of R&D development and technology as well as the experience of aerosol products. The global aerosol industry will develop rapidly after this big event.

AEROSOL EUROPE: The Joson Group is well established on the Chinese aerosol market. What are the core products of Joson Group?

Wang JianQiang: The Joson Group has concentrated on developing aerosol products in recent years. Our main products are printed tinplate sheets, empty aerosol tinplate cans, personal care products, household care products, auto care products, and industrial and architectural products.

AEROSOL EUROPE: Are there any other core markets besides China?
Wang JianQiang: The Joson Group has been exploring the overseas market rapidly in recent years. We have established long-term stable partnership with well-known companies in America, Russia, the UK, Japan, Poland, Sri Lanka, Bulgaria, Iraq, India, the Philippines, Vietnam and many other countries.

AEROSOL EUROPE: Where do you see further growth potential for your company?

Wang JianQiang: First, the Joson Group focuses on innovations and new technology and it attracts top-class R&D people for aerosol products. We keep our aerosol products competitive thanks to R&D and innovation. Second, the Joson Group is located in Huabei region, which has rich gas and iron resources. The price of raw materials is an obvious advantage. Third, the Joson Group is exploring overseas markets and we have won praise and trust from customers globally thanks to our excellent product quality and after-sales service.

AEROSOL EUROPE: What is the present situation of the Chinese aerosol industry?

Wang JianQiang: Approximately 2 billion aerosol tinplate cans, 500 million aluminum aerosol cans, 400 million aerosol valves, and 1.75 billion aerosol products were produced in China in 2014. This puts China in second place for aerosol manufacturing in the world, but the average quantity of aerosol products used per person is only 1.2 pcs in China, much lower than the average aerosol products used per person in the world. However, Americans use 12 pcs on average per person, Europeans use 11 pcs and the Japanese use 6 pcs. So we can see the great potential of the Chinese aerosol market.

AEROSOL EUROPE: Are there any special trends with regard to aerosols in the Chinese aerosol industry?

Wang JianQiang: Based on region, the Chinese aerosol industry is moving from south to north. Based on products, it is developing from insecticides, auto care products, industrial and architectural products to household care and personal care products. Based on the quality and specifications, Chinese aerosols are moving forward with respect to saving energy, emissions reduction, safety and being environmentally friendly.

AEROSOL EUROPE: In Ningbo we learned that you are planning a large aerosol industrial park. What are the reasons for this decision and what will be the focus of the project?

Wang JianQiang: 1. The Chinese government is promoting a policy of industry adjustment to eliminate the conventional high level of contaminants and high energy use in industry and to develop new types of manufacturing enterprises. The aerosol industry is an energy-saving and environmentally-friendly industry that complies with this government policy.
2. The average quantity used per person is much lower than the level of developed countries in the world, which means there is great potential for the Chinese market.
3. Chinese aerosols are produced in the southern part of China, but the main raw materials and market is in the northern part of China. This is why a lot of Chinese industry has moved from south to north in recent years. That`s why we think it is necessary to build the professional aerosol industrial park in northern China. This will be a significant milestone for aerosol development in the world.
China Dacheng Aerosol Industrial Park is the economic development zone approved by the Chinese government. It occupies 100,000 square km and is located in the western part of Dacheng town, Langfang City, Hebei province. With the principles of “high-quality planning, high-quality point of construction, and high-efficiency management,” we insist on sustainable development of “Intensive, cycling and conservation”. The Chinese Aerosol Committee is organizing the important companies from home and abroad to settle in this park in order to establish the biggest energy-saving and international high-end aerosol research, manufacturing and trading center in China. Its focus is on building up: world-class aerosol R&D center; national aerosol testing center; aerosol import and export testing and inspection center; inland port; warehouse and logistics center; aerosol and aerosol accessories trading center; international aerosol technology innovation center; demonstration manufacturing base for new raw materials, new technology and new products. The construction of the park will extend the aerosol industrial chain and develop the leading companies as well as provide a platform for aerosol accumulation and product research and development.

AEROSOL EUROPE: How is the competitive situation on the Chinese aerosol market: A few big players and a lot of small- and medium-sized companies or a more balanced situation?

Wang JianQiang: Big players can obviously save on the cost of raw materials and improve their competitive position with respect to price through large-scale operation and purchasing raw materials in bulk; small- and medium-sized players can gain an obvious advantage by getting more professional, brand market positioning and target market positioning.

AEROSOL EUROPE: In general, how do you see the future of the aerosol product in China?

Wang JianQiang: There will be segment adjustment and growth of manufacturing quantities and aerosol products with Chinese characteristics will come out at the same time. The desire for a better life will lead us to improve the environment and we will ensure safety so that healthy aerosol products will become very popular in China.

AEROSOL EUROPE: Mr Wang, we thank you for this interview.

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