A conversation with Jose Luis Macias

President of the Spanish Aerosol Association (AEDA), Barcelona/Spain

AEROSOL EUROPE: Mr. Macias, first of all, congratulations on your election as President of the Spanish Aerosol Association AEDA. We wish you every success! What goals have you set yourself in the medium term?

Jose Luis Macias: Thanks. I hope that I don’t let down anyone who has placed their trust in me, especially all of the AEDA members.

As for the objectives, right now it is premature to talk about this, since we have yet to hold the first meeting of the Board of Directors, which will take place in July and the second in October. At this point we can collectively begin to define the work lines that will mark the course of the next four years. I believe in teamwork.

AEROSOL EUROPE: How does the Spanish aerosol industry look right now?

Jose Luis Macias: We can say that the market situation is stable, with low annual organic growth.

On the other hand, like the rest of Europe, in Spain, the industry is facing new technological and environmental challenges, but it is ready to take them on.

At AEDA, we are making every effort to support our members, offering them all of the help, technical, and regulatory assessment that they need.

Our interest lies in uniting and representing virtually the entire Spanish industry. Therefore, increasing our number of members is one of our priorities over the coming years.

AEROSOL EUROPE: How has COVID affected the Spanish aerosol industry?

Jose Luis Macias: Like most industrial activities, the COVID pandemic has seriously affected our sector. These have been very hard times, with great volatility and a lack of investor trust. But it appears that in the future, we can be more optimistic. In our country and in Europe in general, I believe that there have been some changes in volumes and trends, with lower figures for personal care such as the Creams Can products , but these are compensated for by the large increase in hydroalcoholic and cleaning products.

AEROSOL EUROPE: It seems that the COVID crisis is gradually abating. How do you see this development?

Jose Luis Macias: As I said previously, we have experienced the worst, but reaching normalcy will still be difficult. I think that activity is slowing down; the economy faces major problems with the uncontrolled inflation, which is at very high levels. This price increase reduces the purchasing power of consumers as well. 

We thought that this inflation would be a transitory phenomenon, but this has not been the case. The Ukraine/Russian war and the Covid zero-policy in China have led to excessive price increases.

AEROSOL EUROPE: What is the main issue that needs to be discussed urgently within the Spanish aerosol industry?

Jose Luis Macias: There is no single issue of major concern for the Spanish industry that must be urgently addressed. But as I mentioned, a Plan Director should be considered for the coming years, to consider important concerns and topics that we need to work on. And to focus our attention on what is of interest and concern in our industry. 

AEROSOL EUROPE: Are there any special trends with regard to aerosols in the Spanish industry?

Jose Luis Macias: In recent years, the Spanish aerosol sector has consolidated the food products segment (oils, creams, whipped creams) at levels of 12%- 13% over the total volumes. This growth is small, but year after year, it continues to increase significantly.

AEROSOL EUROPE: How high do you estimate the growth potential to be on the Spanish aerosol market in the medium term?

Jose Luis Macias: The objective is always to grow. Unfortunately, the large companies of the sector are located outside of Spain, and logically, we cannot rely on these volumes. However, I should mention that for some time now, some domestic companies with very large volumes have existed here.

Personally, I believe that growth must come from exports, and in Spain, in terms of service and quality, we are prepared to compete with other countries that are pioneers in this. 

AEROSOL EUROPE: Can you give our readers current production figures?

Jose Luis Macias: The production figures for aerosols in Spain in 2021 were 291 million, as compared to 2020, when production reached 287 million. It is a stable market with slight growth.

AEROSOL EUROPE: Where do you see aerosol products in the near future?

Jose Luis Macias: Aerosol is a type of packaging with specific characteristics, differentiating it from other types. Consumers appreciate these benefits offered by aerosol (hygiene, hermetic closure, ergonomics of use, easy dosage, etc.). So, I want to be optimistic and state that I believe that it will continue to have a long trajectory ahead of it, despite all of the threats that it has always faced.

AEROSOL EUROPE: The FEA’s traditional Aerosol Congress, first held in 1959 and then hosted every two years as a traveling exhibition by national associations, will be organized together with the Aerosol & Dispensing Forum in Paris once a year starting in 2023. Your opinion?


Jose Luis Macias: I understand that this decision was adopted by the Board of FEA, in which AEDA also has an assigned representative, and therefore, upon considerable reflexion on the pros and cons, I trust that the best decision has been made.

FEA has always done good work for the aerosol industry, and I am confident that this decision reaffirms this commitment to all of the associations forming part of it. I wish them lots of success in this new endeavor.

AEROSOL EUROPE: Mr Macias, we thank you for this interview.

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