A conversation with Pierre V. Costa

A success story continues. ADF and PCD open another location in New York.

Building on its success, the first edition of ADF&PCD New York will be launched in New York, September 13-14, 2016. ADF&PCD New York is organized by the newly formed EFI US, Inc. based in New York City.

AEROSOL EUROPE spoke to Pierre V. Costa, who has been an advisor to the international aerosol industry for decades, about the new opening in New York.

AEROSOL EUROPE: Aerosol and Dispensing Forum (ADF) will take place in New York from September 13-14, 2016. What is your opinion about this decision?

P. V. Costa: The organizer has been considering taking ADF&PCD to New York for a few years. They discussed the idea privately with some of the dedicated exhibitors and brands with whom they have been working for years. The response was overwhelming. They were behind us 100 percent and were extremely enthusiastic. ADF is a unique concept combining a highly technical conference and trade show where innovation and education play a key role. There is nothing like it in the United States. They have several large meetings, but nothing like ADF.

AEROSOL EUROPE: How will New York be different from the Paris show?

P. V. Costa: The goal is to keep the successful recipe that makes ADF Paris so special while adapting to the American market. They will focus on the same format and key elements of the event in a more intimate venue. And, they will address the primary issues facing the US regarding regulations, which are different than the regulations in Europe. There will be a good blend of innovations: science and technologies for manufacturing aerosols and the unique opportunity to discover and hear about trends and innovation coming from Europe. The visitors of course will also be different than ADF Paris visitors.

AEROSOL EUROPE: As in Paris, this event will be organized alongside the tradeshow Packaging for Perfumes, Cosmetics and Design (PCD). Why this association between the two shows?

P. V. Costa: With ADF&PCD they present two synergetic events, two speciality trade shows and conference programs, in one venue. There is a lot of crossover with the brands who need both aerosol and packaging. In fact, 53 percent of aerosols are used by the cosmetics industry according to the French Aerosols Council. It’s a natural fit, and one that won’t exist in the U.S. until our event next September.

AEROSOL EUROPE: Who are you expecting to participate?

P. V. Costa: They are targeting 120 exhibitors in total, with 40 or 50 of those at ADF. The exhibitors are leading international and American manufacturers and service providers for aerosol packaging and dispensing technologies who are willing to expend their activity in the Americas.
This international gathering will enable packaging experts from R&D, innovation, development, purchasing, sourcing, production and quality control, marketing and general management to take stock of both current trends and innovations.

AEROSOL EUROPE: You mentioned that innovation and education will play a key role. Can you share more?

P. V. Costa: As in Paris, the New York event will have an extensive conference program and will present the ADF (and PCD) Innovation Awards. They are about to launch the call for speakers, which is open to the exhibitors who are expert providers of new technologies; key decision makers from brands focused on the beauty, household, pharma, food and industrial markets; and also industry and university thought-leaders.


Topics for ADF will include:
– State of the art in innovation, processing and development of aerosol technologies
– Eco conception and sustainable development: aerosol issues and prospects
– Manufacturing of aerosol cans, valves, BOV, components, spray systems, caps and dispensing
– Aerosol packaging: valves, clinching, crimping, sealing, filling, propellants
– Preservation, propellants, spray and dispensing technologies, new fields of application
– Compatibility and predictability
– Plastic aerosol update

More information is available at The deadline to submit proposals is March 7.

The ADF & PCD New York Packaging Innovation Awards will showcase packaging and dispensing innovations as well as formulation / packaging complementarities. An independent jury of packaging experts from leading brands and trade journalists will oversee the process. Products must be launched on the market between May 1, 2015 and May 31, 2016. Launches after May 31, 2016 may be submitted for a special jury mention. The awards ceremony will be held September 13, 2016 during the show. Participation is free for brands and exhibitors. For more information, readers can visit

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