ADF&PCD 2020 in Paris Statements

ADF&PCD 2020 in Paris Statements

”The ADF and PCD trade fair was so large this year that it could hardly be completed in two days without a concentrated plan. The ideal thing about this fair is the concentration on aerosol and dispensers, no matter which industry. 

In this way, contacts relevant to packaging were made and successful discussions were held.

This fair has been one of the most important for me for years. The organization in advance and during the fair went very well. The series of lectures by ADF and PCD were at a high level.”

Peter Lamboy, Bund Deutscher Verpackungsingenieure e.V.

”The Aerosol & Dispensing Forum 2020 was again an excellent opportunity for Nussbaum. Today , the ADF in Paris is the key annual event for the aerosol industry.

We were able to make many appointments and contacts during these two days.

Most of the visitors are experts from the aerosol & cosmetic industry and more and more there will be a higher influence from the cosmetic part of the event.

Thanks to the customers, visitors and the trade show organization.

We look forward to the next ADF Aerosol Dispensing Forum in Paris 2021.”

Roger Koller, Nussbaum AG 

“Again the ADF in Paris was a great platform for the aerosol industry to meet new and familiar faces. It was well attended and seems to grow year by year. 

The interesting speeches and two great, informative days. 

We need such forums to keep the industry together, especially in these hard times of spring 2020. Therefore I hope that the AMPAT in September, in New York, can be held with the same success.”

Harry Brühlmeier, Caprosol AG

“From my own and MH’s point of view, a super event. At the ADF, it’s not just machine makers, but also many well-known can makers who exhibit. You have the opportunity to meet many of our customers in just 2 days, especially the decision-makers. ADF Paris is the best annual global trade show for aerosols. Conversations and results are on the highest level.”

Siegfried Christ, Mall + Herlan GmbH 

“We have enjoyed being the part of the Aerosol Forum since the beginning.

Each year the Forum is becoming a more vital part of the additional business initiation.”  

Zeren Güzelbahar, SARTEN

”It was great to have the possibility of a face to face contact with the industry leaders one more time, this time with the focus on sustainability and the understanding of our participation and influence in a better world.“

Marcelo Celestini, Trivium Packaging

”Great event, as usual. We had the possibility to meet key customers, introducing our last achievement in South Korea. Moreover, the presence of PCD in the same location has enriched our market view, specially on cosmetic packaging companies interested in digital decoration technology.“

Dr. Paolo Venturelli, TECHNOPACK

“This was our second year exhibiting at the ADF in Paris. I was pleasantly surprised at the amount of traffic and solid requests for quotes as well as the size of this event. This exhibit has opened new doors for MBC and we look forward to 2021.” 

Jim McBride, MBC Aerosol

”I always attend the Aerosol Forum in Paris if I am in Europe at the end of January because it provides an opportunity to meet old friends and to get up to date with new ideas and concepts in the aerosol world. Amazingly, aerosols continue to be an exciting and interesting kind of packaging with many new ideas being put forward. For example, at this year’s Aerosol Forum I discovered a Dutch company that has built a 60-head rotary gasser shaker for the whipped cream industry ! 60 heads ! Also there are interesting new developments in actuator spray technology with regard to compressed gas propelled aerosol packs. There is always something new in my opinion. Soon I will have been in the aerosol industry for 50 years! (since 1972).“ 

Chris Nimmo, Nimmo Project Consulting Ltd. 

“For anyone who focuses intensively on aerosol products, the Aerosol & Dispensing Forum in Paris is THE trade show that you absolutely have to attend. All relevant representatives are on-site in close quarters, which makes networking a lot easier. The lecture are generally very interesting and helpful.”

Klaus-Peter Stange, Beiersdorf AG

“It is, as in previous years, impressive how much concentrated expertise and industry knowledge meets at the ADF. Knowledge-bearers and decision-makers from all areas of the aerosol industry have the opportunity here to meet one another conveniently, to exchange new knowledge and experiences, and thus to take important steps for the future. An interesting and informative lecture program rounds the whole thing out. Attention should be paid that this event does not become so large that it loses its charm as a true industry expert event!”

August Wanninger, LINHARDT Group 

“It was an excellent show for the aerosol industry. We believe it is the best event where all professionals come together from around the world. It is a really nice platform , Majesty definitely will continue to attend this show.“ 

Wise Huang, Majesty Packaging Systems Limited

“This year’s ADF&PCD Paris was a great opportunity to exchange ideas with existing and new customers and suppliers. As one of the most important aerosol trade shows in Europe, it enables attendees and exhibitors to inform themselves about current trends on the market. Due to the great demand for our innovation ‘THE DUAL® mini,’ we will definitely exhibit again next year.”

Felix Born, Toyo & Deutsche Aerosol

“The number of exhibitors was impressive, the show has grown a lot! There is great acceptance on the part of the target audience from the packaging industry (Purchasing, R&D, Marketing ^ Design). The ADF is an outstanding networking platform that spans all packaging segments. There is a strong focus on innovations – Paris has developed from a meet & greet to an actual innovation window at the start of the year and the information content with regard to the topic of sustainability has increased enormously! The ADF is an important fixed point for the fine-tuning of customer requirements and market development. Thanks to perfect infrastructure, good organization at reasonable prices, and the short duration of the trade show, the ADF Paris is the place to be.”

Alberto Pedemonte, Nussbaum AG   

“It was an extremely successful event for us, there was excellent traffic at our stand throughout both days, right up to the close of the exhibition.

We had lots of high quality leads from prospective customers and had many successful meetings with existing customers.”

Sarah D’Amato, CROWN Aerosols & Promotional Packaging Europe

“Our company is growing enormously year after year; in 2019 we filled more than 135 million aerosol cans and the forecast for 2020 is 230 million aerosol cans. The forum was a great experience for us, we were able to meet new companies and start new business to support us in this continuous growth. It was also a great opportunity to present our company to the global market and reinforce our relationship with current suppliers.”

Giuseppe S. Malucelli, Baston

„Familiäre Atmosphäre, Nachhaltigkeit im Fokus und ein stückweites Umdenken der Industrie“.

“Familiar atmosphere, a focus on sustainability, and a rethinking of the industry.”

Manuel Mohrhenn, DALLI-WERKE GmbH & Co. KG

“ADF is one of the key fixtures in our agenda every year. A great event where we can meet our customer base over two days in an efficient and effective way.

Looking forward to ADF 2021!”

Berry van Soest, MORAVIA CANS a. s. 

“Meeting our customers, old friends and colleagues from all over the world is always a pleasure, apart from doing great business together.

Over the years the ADF in Paris has become the most important event for our industry, with all participating members of an effective supply chain especially for today’s challenge in supporting the actual situation with aerosols for pharmaceutical, disinfection and hygienic products.”

Sepp Juch, Euscher GmbH & Co. KG

“This year was a bit special with fewer people than usual from our point of view, especially from Asia with the beginning of the COVID19. But this fair is still the nº1 event for the aerosol industry year after year in Europe. We managed to meet with a lot of customers and prospects in 2 days to promote the all Massilly metal packaging range of product and not only the aerosols. We hope next year we will attend in normal conditions with everyone safe.”

Julien Barde, Massilly  

“Efficient trade show, where you can see all customers, suppliers, and competitors, listen to them, and meet them. Interesting lectures about current and urgent topics round out our positive impression of the trade show.

Historically, the clear, sharp focus (true trade show) has been especially advantageous. Another dilution of the trade show does not make sense in my opinion.”

Leopold Werdich, TUBEX GmbH


“I have been attending the ADF in Paris for many years, starting in 2016, and also at the other 2 locations where it was held before. For Benegas and me, it is a good opportunity to meet with our customers. It is a good networking event and Paris is a good central location.

We were happy that the Metro was running normally by the end of January .

I already have schedules for next year January to visit the ADF in Paris at the end of January.”

Josée Wullings, Benegas

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