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Delivers Development scale Aerosol Valve Function Tester with integrated Check Weigher.

Bautz has recently shipped an Aerosol Valve Function Tester for MDI inhalation aerosols. The customer was looking for a flexible machine to use in Product development. He wanted to be able to set the number of sprays as well as spray duration. Weigh cells were to measure the amount discharged. Bautz developed the VFT 60 in response to their customers requirements.

Something old, something new

The VFT 60 is based on their established optical valve function testers already in the field in the pharmaceutical industry. Using the same turret mechanism for turning the can and placing into the spray testing station the VFT 60 uses optical infra red sensors to measure the spray.

The sensors verify the given spray duration. 

Unlike its predecessors the VFT 60 has two integrated weigh cells. The fingers on the turret deposit the can onto each weighcell before and after spraying. This allow the system to calculate the exact weigh discharged in the spray test. During the spray test Servo motors control the distance the valve is actuated. These can be adjusted from the HMI and saved in the recipe for each format.

The machine also measures the spring return force of the valves.

The Unit was shipped with an In-feed turntable with in-feed plate allowing the customer to load and unload directly from the Aerosol Valve testing machine.

At the out-feed the 3 reject bins ensure the rejects can be identified by cause. The operator can assign reject causes to each bin.

Other Aerosol Valve Function Testers

The VFT family of MDI valve function testers are available for outputs in excess of 250 cans per minute.

Bautz provides a full scale of Leak Detectors for filled Aerosol Cans as a Waterbath Alternativ.

The family of Inline or Turret Typ Micro Leak Detector for Line Speeds up to 500 cpm.

Used in technical, cosmetic, pharmaceutical and other applications according to the UN ADR regulations.

Feel free to contact us for any customized equipment.


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