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Excellence in aerosols

For more than 60 years, we have focused on perfecting aerosol products.

The solutions that we find to satisfy our customers’ requirements are as varied as our customers’ needs. Whether the filling of aerosols or liquids in small series of 1,000 or more cans or large batches or highly innovative developments in our in-house laboratories. Our services range from purchasing to joint product development to various product declarations and registrations, on through to the creation of safety data sheets and product information. We will also store your chemical raw materials and packaging materials and ship your finished products.

When we first started out in the 1950s, we produced paints, colors, and insecticides as a branch of Dynamit Nobel in Rheinfelden. Since the 1960s, our fields of business have expanded to include the manufacturing and filling of cosmetic and pharmaceutical products. Since then, the company has focused on the contract filling of pharmaceutical and chemical-technical products, whereby we produce the majority of effective ingredient mixtures on customer request. In 1976, the company was taken over by former employees as part of a MBO; the new company was called IG Sprühtechnik GmbH. In 1999, the company was purchased by the Danish Superfor Group, which had established its own aerosol group. In 2006, the company was again purchased as part of a MBO. Since then, it has done business as IGS Aerosols GmbH. The Guck family owns the corporate group. With its two plants in Wehr and pharmaceutical and technology divisions, IGS Aerosols GmbH is a leading aerosol filler in Europe. The company employed approximately 170 people in 2019.

In the chemical-technical sector (Division I), we fill a wide range of spray cans, such as paint, colors, lubricants, and cleansers on a total of 8 filling lines.

And there’s a reason that we are one of the leading producers of products for industry, trade, vehicle technology, household, sport, and recreation. For our claims to quality include the whole product, from checking the quality of effective ingredients to packaging. Well-qualified personnel develop innovative products in our laboratories. There are double-walled charging vessels with various stirrers available; these can be heated or cooled.

More than 60 years’ experience, the greatest care, and smooth cooperation among all participants form the basis for our outstanding quality. This has made us a long-standing partner to leading brand manufacturers. That's our claim. 

The business field of Division II includes the manufacturing of pharmaceutical spray products. In addition to filling human and veterinary pharmaceutical and medical products, we have many years’ experience filling asthma dosing aerosols and asthma dry powder inhalers. The primary concerns here are particle size, and thus the lung mobility

of the medications, as well as the exact dosing per usage. This is a requirement that is a matter of course for us. We will fill your pharmaceutical products as required in aerosol cans with different fill volumes. Individual special shapes for the cans are also possible. After filling, we can provide final packaging according to your instructions on separate packaging machines for single folding boxes.

On five state-of-the-art filling lines, we produce many different package sizes; we also have three separate assembly lines. If necessary, two filling lines can be qualified for asthma dry powder inhalers and clean room class C.

Finished product checks are conducted in our analytical laboratory. On request, these can also include market approval by our QP. In cooperation with our customers, we are also happy to perform development work in order to assist our customers in obtaining approvals. Furthermore, we have 2 ex-protected climate chambers where we can conduct stability studies according to ICH guidelines.

For both divisions, we can offer aerosol manufacturing based on our own recipes or recipes that our customers provide. Today, we have more than 1,800 recipes of our own, covering all areas. If you manufacture the effective ingredient for a product yourself, naturally we can also offer you contract filling. For the manufacturing of a wide variety of spray products, we have a total of 14 filling lines, so that products can be manufactured on individual production lines strictly separated according to the areas in which they will be used.

The filling of aerosols and liquids is our business. But it would be too sad if that were all. What motivates us is the ambition to work together with our customers to achieve the best possible result. We don’t just search for solutions, we find them!

We take on your tasks with passion in order to work with you and quickly find a result.

Companies that fill products are easy to find. It's much more difficult when you’re seeking perfection. This is where all roads lead to us. Profound knowledge of raw materials, in-house research departments, engaged teams, and constant striving for the highest possible quality; we are not satisfied with the usual. We want more. For you.

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