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Jago Pro celebrates its 25th anniversary and opens an innovation hub

According to the latest trends in aerosol usage, personal care products are expected to maintain a substantial presence on the market.

Aerosols continue to provide a convenient solution for billions of consumers’ daily routines. The significant growth of interest in aerosol products is the result of a focus on beauty and the need for convenience, which create increasing demand for cosmetics such as deodorants, antiperspirants, cream foundation, hydrating sprays, foot sprays, sun protection creams, tanning lotions, hair sprays & styling sprays, hair shines, and others. Trends among the male population are expected to drive demand for hair sprays, conditioners, and dry shampoos as well. Nowadays, many people look beyond beauty and focus more on health. Therefore, it is likely that medical devices will be some of the leading aerosol products in the future. Worldwide, the personal health segment of aerosols accounts for the largest market share of applications.

Therefore at Jago Pro, we perform critical research and development for our clients. In addition to all the technologies we are able to provide in our plant for aerosols, including classic aerosols with LPG, BOV, compressed gases and CO2  in cosmetics and household products, we also provide manufacturing opportunities for liquid forms packed in bottles, tubes, and pumps.

Jago Pro ‘s new innovation hub officially opened in November 2018, at the same time we celebrated the company’s 25th anniversary.

Over the course of one year, we constructed a facility that includes R&D laboratories and offices, microbiology laboratories, and marketing.  In total, there is 2100 square meters of  space with  470 square meters for the R&D laboratory. The analytical laboratory is 54 square meters large and the microbiology laboratory, 340 square meters.

In our R&D, we create new formulations, check them in different packaging options, run stability and compatibility tests, and test innovative ingredients during the whole development process.

It is worth adding that we create our formulas with an eye to sustainability aspects. In June 2018, our company was RSPO-certified.

In line with our clients’ expectations, we create a place where aerosol expertise meets creative thinking about products.

The new space enables us to fill it with new and modern laboratory equipment used for product development.

In case of marketing claims that our customers like to make about products we have developed, we are able to check, for example:

SPF (in vitro) level in sun care products using the spectrophotometer method, the moisturization effect and in general skin condition using Courage-Khazaka equipment, active ingredient content using HPLC or GC chromatography. 

In case of formulas we have developed, at an early stage of development, we can judge if the preservatives function sufficiently using a challenge test (6 weeks test run in our micro lab) or by checking water activity, water content in a range of 1ppm up to 100% (in the analytical lab).

In case of product safety, Jago Pro can check the average particle size of sprayed products with size distribution of particles. This is a very important aspect, inhalation exposure should be checked for every aerosol cosmetic product on the market.

To check product and formula stability, we use many incubators dedicated to different temperatures and humidity levels, microscopes, centrifuges, and others.

We are able to perform a greater range of research, both with respect to the effectiveness and safety of our products.

In case of microbiological aspects of our cosmetic products, but also in medical devices, our new laboratory enables us to develop more sophisticated microbiological methods. According to ISO 17025:2018, we can guarantee correct sampling.

Sample Reception –› Sample Preparation Room –› Testing Room –› Incubation Room –› Analytical Tests –› Waste Room

We offer a wide range of laboratory services, including total viable count such as: Aerobic Mesophilic Bacterial Count (ISO 21149), Yeasts and Moulds Count (ISO 16212) according to Polish and European Pharmacopoeia (EP) Chapter 2.6.12. In addition, Preservative Challenge Testing is done according to International Standard ISO 11930 and Polish and European Pharmacopoeia (EP) Chapter 5.1.3.

We are able to research and identify different microorganisms: Candida albicans (ISO 18416), Staphylococcus aureus (ISO 22718), Escherichia coli (ISO 21150), Pseudomonas aeruginosa (ISO 22717) with identification of microorganisms using the Vitek System

In the near future, all our laboratories will complete implementation of the ISO 17025:2018 quality system for managing the research.

As our technicians have great knowledge of how to create diverse products, we also provide services to develop customized products with respect to formulation and technology. We focus not only on aerosols, but also on dermocosmetics and medical devices in pumps, tubes, and airless systems.

If you have any questions, you are very welcome to contact us.

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