New subsidiary for Euscher in the USA

A Conversation with Jörn Euscher-Klingenhagen, owner and managing director of Euscher GmbH & Co. KG, Bielefeld

Euscher GmbH & Co. KG of Bielefeld is on a growth course and is orienting itself still more globally:

in November 2017, this manufacturer of precision deep-drawn parts incorporated the company “Cap & Seal” of Elgin, IL (near Chicago) into the Euscher Group. This is a strategic step that will allow Euscher to enter the US market – with its own production on-site. We spoke with Jörn Euscher-Klingenhagen about the company’s strategy for the future.

AEROSOL EUROPE: Mr. Euscher-Klingenhagen, your company brought the mounting cup from the US to Europe in the 1950s – and now you’re opening a subsidiary in the USA. How did this happen?

Jörn Euscher-Klingenhagen: Yes, we are among the pioneers of the aerosol industry in Europe – and this pioneering spirit has driven us on throughout the years. Today we are one of the leading manufacturers of precision deep-drawn parts and complex components in a variety of metals. We produce for the aerosol and cosmetics industries, as well as for the automotive industry, the electric and electronics industries, and manufacturers of white goods.

With our new subsidiary in the USA, we are orienting ourselves still more globally according to our corporate strategy. In 2012, we established Euscher s.r.o., which has been successful in the Czech Republic. Five years later, we now also have a presence overseas and we can exploit new markets there, initially in our core aerosol business.

AEROSOL EUROPE: What do you want to achieve with this new presence in the USA?

Jörn Euscher-Klingenhagen: With Cap & Seal, we have integrated a subsidiary into the Euscher Group with which we can also serve customers, whom we already serve in Europe, in the USA. This is good, for many of our customers are global players who concentrate on high-performance suppliers, especially ones who are also active around the world. And at the same time, with this subsidiary we are in a position to acquire new customers for our company in the NAFTA region. This is how we can secure additional interesting projects, strengthen our whole corporate group, and continue our growth course.

AEROSOL EUROPE: Can you present Cap & Seal in brief?

Jörn Euscher-Klingenhagen: Cap & Seal is also a family-owned company, one that has been active in the aerosol industry since 1957. The operation is in Elgin, 56 kilometers west of Chicago. The Former owner Tom Brown is the second generation to lead this family-owned company – our fathers even knew each other. Thus far, the 50-person team has produced mounting cups, wick mounting supports and tin can accessories. There could not be better preconditions for our entry into business in the USA.

AEROSOL EUROPE: How did the integration of this operation into the Euscher Group come about?

Jörn Euscher-Klingenhagen: In the USA, we see a market that is of interest to us – this was already clear from the industry trade shows in which we have participated as exhibitors in recent years.

And Tom Brown was searching for a suitable successor for Cap & Seal to continue the business. When we heard about this, we started talking – and this is how we arrived at the current solution, which suits the entire team in Elgin. Tom Brown will stay with us for a few years as the president of Cap & Seal.

AEROSOL EUROPE: What variety of services will you offer your customers in the USA?

Jörn Euscher-Klingenhagen: We are visionary deep-drawers and produce extremely complex deep-drawn parts, which are created in integrated, multi-dimensional forming processes. Naturally our customers can also expect this range of services in the USA, step by step.

In the aerosol sector, our standard mounting cups of tinplate and aluminum with their different surfaces are the focus – similarly special designs for customer-specific applications in smaller quantities are in high demand.

Cap & Seal already has many years’ experience in mounting cup manufacturing. On this good basis, we can now examine together how we will best approach the US business.

AEROSOL EUROPE: Will there be customer-specific Euscher products in the USA as well?

Jörn Euscher-Klingenhagen: Our customers and their satisfaction are the focus of our actions – this is one of the keys to our approach. And thus the cooperation with our customers around the world is characterized by honesty, obligation, flexibility, and creativity. Our customers also appreciate that they profit from our many years of expertise in all projects; this includes tool development and in-house tool construction. This is how we will always be able to offer our customers decisive added value – and of course our customers in the USA should also profit from this.

AEROSOL EUROPE: Do you have additional plans?

Jörn Euscher-Klingenhagen: We will be able to establish our presence in the USA faster than we had thought with Cap & Seal. Therefore, we will initially focus on designing our joint work. Now, in addition to our two plants in Bielefeld, we have two international subsidiaries, with which we are optimally established. We will be able to build our future on this.

AEROSOL EUROPE: Mr. Euscher-Klingenhagen, thank you very much for speaking with us today.

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