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Sarten’s Expertise in Aerosol Catches the Eye

With an unblemished reputation for 46 years, Sarten remains one of the biggest integrated packaging companies in Europe.

In addition to supplying innovative packaging to the food and cosmetic industries, the company shines out with the production of metal and plastic packaging for lubrication oils and chemical products, as well as for aerosol cans and twist closures.

Sarten currently has an annual aerosol can production of 500 million. 

The company is planning to add a new aerosol production line to already existing eight lines and install new aerosol cover presses by the end of the year.

„Sarten currently has an annual aerosol can production of 500 million.“

Currently, the company has a total of 15 plants in Turkey in addition to three other facilities in Bulgaria, Russia and Netherlands. During the last few years, they have also opened permanent sales offices in Greece, Romania, Serbia, and Bulgaria to be able to coordinate their growing business in the Balkans.

In parallel to their expansion strategy, in 2017 the new plant in the Netherlands for the aerosol can production has started to produce. The new facility is located between Rotterdam and Antwerp so that Sarten will be closer to both the major ports of Europe and its customers. 

And in addition to an on-going investment program in new facilities, Sarten continues to invest in new technology. By having recently gained the status of the first R&D Centre of Packaging Industry in Turkey, the company continues to add value to the packaging industry with innovative products and services.

Recently two high-tech printing machines were installed, one of which is capable of printing in seven colors and the other in eight colors. These are the most advanced KBA machines on the market and have the largest capacities in Europe. 

Sarten also shines out for shaped aerosol can production, the quality of which can be achieved only by three companies in the world.

Today Sarten supplies packaging products to more than a thousand companies across nearly 80 countries worldwide and emphasizes on quality and fast response time to client’s demands. But it still takes care of the economy and ecology of their packaging solutions.

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