Terco Inc.

Offers Solution Based Aerosol Filling Equipment

Since 1965 Terco has been providing solution based aerosol filling equipment, and continues to lead the industry with offerings from simple hand powered filling equipment to fully automated PLC controlled lines. Their modular design philosophy allows for standard stations to be configured into a custom-fit solution to meet individual filling needs.

For the laboratory and start-up needs, Terco offers a full range of equipment including product fillers, crimpers, propellant chargers, and test baths. The Semi-Automatic Hand Lines feature fully automatic production stations with manual activation. A key benefit to the aerosol filler is that these systems are upgradeable in the future to automated production without having to discard any of the original equipment.

Terco’s Rotary Indexing machinery features Geneva drive systems configured with pneumatic-hydraulic controlling for smooth container handling. The systems can be outfitted for single- or double indexing operation.  Tool-less change-parts and dedicated fixed diameter tooling are standard features as are fully interlocked enclosures with toughened glass.

Long known for their durability and flexibility, Terco’s In-Line Filling Systems feature adjustable guide railing allowing all standard aerosol containers to run on the machine without the need for additional change-parts. This allows for faster changeovers which increases the machine efficiencies. The systems are pre-drilled to allow for future expansion in capacity without the need for additional factory floor space. Systems are available in both single and dual lane configurations and feature fully interlocked enclosures.

The need for high quality, high speed filling equipment has been met with Terco’s Series CMR Continuous Motion Rotary filling equipment. Each machine features quick changeover tooling and  a variable speed, explosion proof drive system. They are shrouded with stainless steel panels and a fully interlocked enclosure with toughened safety glass. Each machine features a common plate for station mounting allowing single point adjustment to assure quick and easy height adjustments. It is also possible to mono-block several continuous motion rotary bases together with use of a common drive to reduce floor space requirements.

The Model RVI Rotary Valve Insertion System features on-machine valve seating capabilities as a standard design feature. The exclusive design of the RVI system requires only one adjustment to the entire system for varying can heights – a feature that dramatically reduces downtime during product changeovers.

The company also leads the industry with systems for the production of barrier-type products. Their offerings include filling and charging technologies for tinplate, aluminum, and plastic containers in addition to all of the various barrier devices. An exclusive offering of Terco is the Gasser-Plugger system which charges piston cans with propellant prior to inserting a rubber plug in the bottom gassing orifice. This unique station actually manufactures each plug during the cycle from a bulk reel of plug stock.

Terco has also recently developed a high-viscosity product filler to be used with industrial adhesive and caulking products that are now being packed in aerosol piston cans. Integrated into a common base with the crimpers and charging stations the overall system has reduced the floor space requirements for this type of production.

As a full line supplier of aerosol and filling equipment, Terco offers a complete range of ancillary equipment including: can feeding, conveyors, water bath test tanks, container accumulators, tip placers, overcap placers, pressure testers, propellant handling systems, safe filling rooms, and puck handling equipment.

Suited to meet the individual needs, Terco works hand-in-hand with each customer to develop a system to meet the requirements of both today and tomorrow.  Available upgrade options include PLC control systems, touch screen user interfacing, and process monitoring to allow for a custom fit solution.

Terco, Inc., located in Bloomingdale, IL USA, offers a worldwide technical sales and support network that includes global stocking of spare parts. With customers in over 45 countries the company has a reputation for offering dependable and flexible filling solutions. According to the company, “ … Our dedication to the aerosol packager is to work together in partnership to develop the best solution for their needs. A system capable of meeting today’s demands yet flexible for the future.” 

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