Tubex shows award winning can

And a new way of decorating aerosol cans at ADF

The award winning can looks not much different to another can – but it really is.

Dove men & care is manufactured by the new patented alloy for slugs. The new alloy is a joint development of Tubex with slug supplier Neuman Aluminium. The advantage of the design of the patented slug is, that it is ready to use real postconsumer recycled scrap. 

Another main advantage of this aerosol can is that it weighs close to twenty per cent less compared to the previous standard can. This tremendous weight loss was achieved by reducing the wall thickness and slightly modifying the shape of the shoulder. Reduction of wall thickness makes the cans more susceptible to dents during packing and transport. In order to minimize the risk of dents Tubex invested considerably in a new packing technique – layer wide packaging. Here the cans are placed on pallets instead packed in bundles. This fully automatic state of the arts packing process is supervised by cameras and sensors. Robots place the cans onto the pallets. Leo Werdich, Managing Director explains further: “The real advantage of this packing is that fifteen per cent more cans fit onto the pallet and fifteen per cent more pallets fit onto a truck. This also means fifteen per cent less warehouse space/pallets are needed.” Tubex’ approach to sustainability was recognized by winning major awards in 2019 such as German Packaging Award, World Star Award and Canmaker Award in Silver.

Sustainability has been always a major part in manufacturing aluminum aerosol cans and so has decorating. At ADF Tubex will display a metallized can for the first time. Metallization itself is not a new way of decorating, but so far, no aerosol cans have been decorated by using this process. The result is an unrivalled perfect shiny and smooth surface. 

Tubex displays these and other cans at booth N19 and is looking forward to share more detailed information with visitors.

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