2022 French Aerosol industry: Growing production volumes towards a return to normality

In 2022, the production in France of aerosol dispensers has increased by 8,7% (649,78 million units vs. 598 million units in 2021), all segments combined. This growth brings production back to the level of 2018 (648 million units).

The 2022 activity of filling aerosol dispensers marks a resumption ofactivity after a health crisis which has impacted the profession since 2020. The French aerosol dispenser industry maintains a strong position in Europe (to be specified during publication of FEA figures in September 2023).


• Two growing segments:


“Household category” (+15%) with a strong increase in air fresheners (+29.5%) and the “other products category” (+37%).

“Body care” (+10,6%) with a predominant takeover of the deodorants (+13%) and shaving (+9,5%) segments. On the other hand, hair products, excluding dry shampoos, suffered a significant drop (-6,7%).


• A stable segment:

• The “Miscellaneous” category is maintained, but the segments that make it up do not have the same changes.

• The pharmacy and veterinary segment (+1,3%) saw slight growth. On the other hand, the auto/cycle, paint, and industrial/technical products segment remained at the level of 2021, a year which had benefited from growth (+5,4%).

Filling activity by segment in 2021 (vs. 2020)  


An increase of +10,6% for a total filling of 447million units of aerosol dispensers in 2022.

Segments “Personal Care”

Deo and antiperspirants: +13%

Recovery compared to 2021 most certainly linked to the end of the health crisis which had impacted sales. The segment represents 17% of French filling.

Haircare products out of dry shampoo: -6,7%

While it was growing in 2021, this segment is declining in 2022. It nevertheless represents a significant share with 21% of total activity in France.

Shaving foams and gels: +9,5%.

This segment had fallen sharply in 2021. In 2022, it returns to a pre-health crisis level. The segment represents 7% of production activity in France.

Suncare, watersprays, dry shampoos, others: +30%.

This segment was maintained in 2021, after good growth in 2020. It represents the bulk of total French activity with 24% of occupancy.

This growth of +30% in 2022 shows how versatile the sub-segments are and how quickly they are impacted by fashion or weather phenomena.


A growth of +15% for a total filling of 70 million units of aerosol generators in 2022.

Segments "Household"

Air fresheners: +29,5%

This segment had represented the biggest drop in 2021. This return in 2022 is undoubtedly explained by the need of consumers to purify their interiors. The openings of places intended to welcome the public following the health crisis can also explain the growth of this segment, which represents 4% of total activity.

Insecticides and plants protection : -5,1%

The drop of 1,5 M units should be put into perspective because the segment remains at a level of 27 M units.

The weather aspect is still very impactful (mosquitoes, hornets, etc.), but, since 2019, biocide regulations in France seem to have an influence on the growth of this segment, which represents 4% of total activity.

Textile/Carpet, furniture polish, oven cleaners, bathroom and kitchen, leather/shoe care and other household : +37%.

In 2020 this segment had increased by +36% and fell by 4% in 2021. This new growth (the highest in 2022) which represents +4,5 M units reflects the need of effective products for very specific aerosol applications.

CATEGORY: MISCELLANEOUS (automotive & cycles - paint & varnish - industrial and technical – Pharma & Vet - food and others)

A total volume of 132 million units of aerosol dispensers maintained in 2022. The segment represents 20% of the total activity.

Segments "Miscellaneous"

Automotive & cycles / Paint & varnish / Industrial and technical: -0,7%

This segment, which still represents 15% of total activity, had benefited from the resumption of activities in 2021. The constant need for these specific products and the practical and efficient form of aerosol packaging contribute to their attractiveness.

Pharma / Vet: +1,3%

This segment had been impacted in 2021 as wearing a mask seemed to have reduced the impact of traditional diseases. It stabilizes in 2022 and represents 4% of total activity.

Food and various other : -0,3%

This segment remains stable in 2022 as in 2021.


Results based on declared data from members and non-members of CFA.


Production and filling activities published since2017 as per described above, do not include the volume of inhalers as they are not considered as aerosol dispensers per EU ADD 75/324.

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