AIROPACK relaunches website

New look, same dedication to innovation

Airopack International BV in Waalwijk, The Netherlands, has relaunched its website The new website has a fresh new look and shows more clearly than before the benefits of the product - from the fact that the Airopack bottle is 6x smarter than any other aerosol to the different markets and the wide range of formulas we work with.
"After years of focusing on innovation for our clients, we thought it was about time our website and communications looked as sleek as our revolutionary packaging," explains CEO Maarten Kool. "But this new website is about much more than looks. This website is about investing in ourselves and really telling our story - from our smart, tenacious team who makes it all happen to our global group of clients who won’t settle for anything less than innovative."

As Global Sales Director Eelke Holtrop explains, the new website demonstrates how Airopack continues to be a leader in PET packaging and the ways in which we work with our customers as a full-solution partner. “Over the past ten-plus years, the industry has had a front row seat to the kind of innovation Airopack is capable of,” Holtrop explained. “So this website isn’t about proving what we can do, but instead highlighting all the added value our experience and expertise brings to the table.”
Soon, Airopack will also be releasing case studies that deep dive into some of our most successful, challenging and notable solutions. “From working with big, global brands who are transitioning to sustainable packaging to helping startups formulate and package their ideas, Airopack has a lot of in-depth experience that we can’t wait to shine a light on," Holtrop explained.

Leading the way into the future

When Airopack was founded in 2010, it led the way with its innovative, air-powered solution for aerosol. “Now as we enter an exciting new chapter, we’re going to continue showing the industry how to move forward, while showing our clients how we’re taking them with us," says Holtrop.

Partner for complete solutions

Airopack provides more than just the bottle. Full-solution partners who can work with your team throughout the entire process, our team of dedicated professionals is here to help you with everything from formulation to packaging and filling. “We’re known for our innovative, air-powered, sustainable packaging, but anyone who’s worked with us knows we’re also full-solution partners,” Kool explained. “With this new website and refreshed branding, we’re looking forward to showing off all of what our team can do and what Airopack is capable of.”

Airopack International BV, based in Waalwijk, the Netherlands, is a manufacturer of PET containers used for aerosols and as dispensers for viscous products. Founded in 2010, the company has focused on the sustainability of the product from the very beginning. For example, the company dispenses with propellants and dispenses the product exclusively via compressed air. In 2021, the world's first "air-powered" container made of recycled PET was presented to the market. Airopack is a full solution partner that does more than just supply the bottle; with its own developers and laboratory, it supports customers with everything from testing formulations to finding fillers to developing white label products.

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