Euscher – Die visionären Tiefzieher.

Serving Aerosol, Cosmetic and Automotive Industries Locally grown, international expansion and success Adapting to new challenges of the Aerosol Industry.

Early 1950s, EUSCHER was the first company producing mounting cups for the just starting European aerosol industry. Today, with more than 90 years of existence, EUSCHER remains the market leader in stamping mounting cups for a wide variety of standard and special specifications.

The aerosol market is one of the EUSCHERs main sectors of the business. In addition, EUSCHER also has versatile, high-developed production capacities for the cosmetic and pharmaceutical sectors and offers a broad assortment of ferrules, actuators, collars and decorative caps. The company is also active as an important supplier to the automotive industry.

Tinplate and aluminum are the two most common materials for the production of mounting cups, both in uncoated form as well with painted or coated surfaces. With all products, great value is placed on quality and environmentally-friendly processing. Both, the quality management system according to ISO TS 16949, the environmental management system according to ISO 14001 and energy management ISO 50001 guarantee that customers around the world are always supplied with perfect, high-quality goods.


EUSCHER fulfill customer needs and desires in two German locations. Additional expansion of the EUSCHER GROUP started 2012 when establishing a new production site with EUSCHER s.r.o. in Chomutov, Czech Republic. EUSCHER s.r.o. is especially oriented towards exploiting new market potential. Two of the three EUSCHER production plants in Europe are currently set up for the production of mounting cups. High-performance, high-tech systems ensures the most efficient production processes and sophisticated logistics ensure an environment that is optimally-attuned to the mass production as well as to customized small series of mounting cups.

November 2017 EUSCHER established their first overseas operation when expanding to the USA, acquiring the company CAP & SEAL LP, Elgin, Illinois. CAP & SEAL already provides superior customer service since 1957 and possesses a wide range of progressive stamping presses for the production of standard mounting cups, special cups like threaded mounting cups and wick holders for the candle industries, as well as equipment and production of metal can accessories. CAP & SEALs target is to give customers the best support in service and quality using multiple production resources and additional equipment taken into operation during the coming months and years.

Meanwhile 350 employees at the EUSCHER GROUP are working to achieve EUSCHER’s success. Future expansion is planned within short to countries where EUSCHER is still not present. The fast growing Latin American markets for sure are one of the challenges the EUSCHER GROUP is looking for. 


Already early EUSCHER noticed changes in the aerosol industry, especially at the valve producers worldwide and started adapting themselves to the new requirements. Apart from the important worldwide presence in order to serve the customers, also the customer/supplier relation is changing from to be a standard supplier, to be a partner in new developments and service. Strengthen the own capability to produce part of the requirements in house is getting more and more important to secure the growth of our customer production sites.

Recognizing these facts, EUSCHER is changing their production sites in order to strengthen the flexibility of supply of larger and smaller orders reinforcing the existing stamping operations with new equipment, increasing the level of service to the customer and finding joined commonalities and strategies for the benefit of both.

With all the expertise of its experts in design and production, EUSCHER will ensure the company’s innovative and market-driven production in the future – and keep it bubbling with ideas for the benefit of their customers in the aerosol industry.

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