LINDAL’s valve listing marks progress in Chinese market

Global aerosol dispensing specialists LINDAL Group have had their KHFA valve published as a product on China’s Centre for Drug Evaluation (CDE) website.

As China’s main body responsible for evaluating clinical trial applications for drugs and drug marketing authorisations, the CDE now features the company’s 20 mmm male metering valve designed for use with metered dose inhalers. Made from medical grade materials and delivering accurate metered volumes of (28-63 μl) the KHFA valve has a fast fill and fast drain chamber providing an optimal barrier to the environment thus ensuring long product shelf life. 

Run by the National Medical Product Administration (NMPA), which governs the quality and safety of cosmetics, drugs and medical devices in China, the inclusion of the KHFA valve marks significant progress in LINDAL’s headway into the Chinese aerosol dispensing market. 

Group Marketing Manager at LINDAL, Kashif Choudhry, said: “This is an exciting step for us. We are now looking ahead to the next stage towards approval when the submission will be revised following the first drug application. The listing represents great advancement and demonstrates our readiness for the next phase in this promising market.” 

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