President of ABAS passed away

Antal György Almásy, President of the Brazilian Aerosol Association (ABAS) has passed away.

Almásy family with deep sadness communicates to all friends that Antal György Almásy, son, brother, father, exemplary husband, dedicated teacher and brilliant Chemical Engineer, president of the Brazilian Association of Aerosols, died on Sunday 12/13/2020 at 2:30 pm , victim of COVID19.

This letter from Antal, which we would like to share with you now, reached us a few days ago. The interview we conducted with him is also on this page.

Dear Detlev,

Today I went to ABAS headquarters to check the mail and water the plants (all ABAS staff have been working from their home offices since March) and found the issues of your magazine. To my immense surprise, I saw that you published the full interview I sent you in the August issue.

I would like to thank you very much, even if this comes a bit late, for the attention you have given us and ABAS.

I would also like to thank you for the vote with which you and the jury recognized our alcohol campaign. The FEA diploma for ABAS will be digitalized and inserted into another ABAS award diploma shared with each one of the 31 companies that participated in our aerosol alcohol70° campaign. My humble job was to build bridges and connections so that company executives could do their best work. After a turbulent succession at the FEA, it was the best way to unite the Brazilian aerosol sector around a greater cause. This way, we will be sharing the recognition with the Brazilian aerosol production chain.

Also, you have no idea how happy and proud this news made small companies that were willing to manufacture 1000 units to serve their small municipal hospitals, working silently; otherwise, they would never have been recognized.

Right now, unfortunately about 170,000 people have been killed by Covid19 (> 6.1 million officially infected) and it is becoming evident that there will be a second wave here, just as is happening in Europe at the moment.

After the FEA award, I have already received inquiries from associates interested in new production for donation to hospitals. This is due to the recognition from the jury of which you were a part, and the conclusion that you and all FEA jury members are also part of our solidarity campaign. Therefore, the award is also yours.

From the bottom of our hearts and in the name of ABAS friends, associates and staff, we thank you for the honor that you have given us.

Best regards from Brazil and be safe,

Antal György Almásy
ABAS President 2020-2021

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