The perpetual cycle of steel

Unbeatable when it comes to recycling

A new animation film of thyssenkrupp Rasselstein GmbH illustrates packaging steel’s capability of being recycled over and over again – without any loss of quality. Thanks to its properties, steel remains in a closed cycle of consecutive utilization and recycling processes. The cans of today may therefore be a washing machine tomorrow or an automotive part the day after tomorrow.

There is no easier way to recycle than with packaging steel

“We have created this animation film because we are frequently asked how exactly steel packaging can be recycled”, explains Carmen Tschage who is responsible for communication and market development at Germany’s only manufacturer of tinplate. “Recycling couldn’t be any easier than with tinplate, as it’s a magnetic packaging material that is virtually 100 percent recyclable. This can be clearly seen in the animation film. As of today, it is available for watching in German and in English on our website.”

Recycling packaging steel saves valuable resources such as iron ore, coking coal and limestone. A tinplate can is therefore the perfect packaging for a future where packaging can be recycled multiple times. 84 percent of all steel ever produced are still in the material cycle today (Source: WV Stahl).

Tinplate stands for a closed material cycle and for multi-recycling

“Consumers, manufacturers and the trade industry can have a share in protecting the environment and reducing CO2 emissions by selecting packaging material which stands for a closed material cycle, for multi-recycling and which safely protects the product. Every recycled tinplate can helps to save primary resources and to reduce CO2”, says Tschage.

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