TUBEX and PreZero Pyral enter into a collaboration

PreZero Pyral and TUBEX have teamed up to form a closed-loop in recycling post-consumer Aluminium packaging.

Tubex and its slug supplier developed a patented alloy where the customer has the choice of up to 60 per cent inclusion of recycling material in the slug. An Aluminium slug is the primary material used to manufacture Aluminium monobloc aerosol cans. The collaboration with PreZero Pyral ensures that the specifically developed Aluminum post consumer recycled (pcr) material (eco loop certified) is not diverted or taken from already existing and well working closed loops, such as beverage cans (UBC) as a source for post-consumer recycling material.  

Both companies are leaders in their respective industry:

PreZero Pyral founded in 2005, specializes in recycling of Aluminimum packaging. Situated in Freiberg, Germany, PreZero Pyral operates two ecofriendly and resource-saving pyrolysis facilities, where Aluminium from the yellow bin is recycled and recovered. With their thermal  plants, PreZero Pyral is able to extract Aluminium from otherwise difficult-to-recover compounded packaging and then with its own developed S.A.A.L.T.-sorting system (LIBS-Based) sort the organic-free Aluminium into specific alloys and allowing it to be brought back into a dedicated material-loop. With over 15 years experience, PreZero Pyral currently recovers approx. 25.000 to. of Aluminium per year with this number to increase significantly due to additional planned plants and increasing demand.

For over 70 years, TUBEX has been one of the leading specialists in Aluminium-packaging and is known industry-wide for its ground-breaking developments in terms of sustainability. The site in Rangendingen has a staff of 350 and produces Aluminum aerosol cans for the cosmetic, pharmaceutical, food and technical industry.  

Recycling Aluminium has the advantage of saving 95 % of the energy compared to the energy needed to produce Aluminium from bauxite ore. An advantage of Aluminum versus other packaging materials is that the metal still has the same properties as virgin Aluminium and Aluminium aerosol cans made with real post consumer recycling material (pcr) inclusion can be endlessly recycled in fact mor than 75% of all Aluminium ever produced is still in use today!

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