Urs Hauser new President of the FEA

Urs Hauser, representative from the Assoziation der Schweizerischen Aerosolindustrie (Switzerland) and working at Pamasol, succeeds to Gilles Baudin, representative from the Comité Français des Aérosols (France) and working at L’Oréal, who has served as President for the last two years.

Urs Hauser is currently Senior Sales Manager at Pamasol Willi Mäder AG. He has dedicated his career to work with aerosol producers on the entire globe, help and assist to realize small- to large-scale aerosol projects. Support and collaborate with the entire industry to enable growth of our products.

Urs Hauser, new FEA President, said:
“I’m proud and honoured to become the new President of FEA. We have all the same interest, high standards on safety and manufacturing, a relationship with authorities at eye level, promote the use of aerosols and enable growth of our industry.
We also facing challenges like; recycling, harmonization, VOC’s, labelling, inhalation issues, just to name a few. Yet, I am convinced that FEA has the strength and the knowledge to be a solid, long-term partner for discussions with UN, European and national authorities in these matters.
Building on the work undertaken by Gilles Baudin, who will remain on the FEA board, I will tirelessly continue in his footsteps to represent our common interests, defend our industry, monitor legislative developments, connect with other trade bodies and improve the image of the industry and its products.”

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