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In the beginning, VARIO-PACK Sprühsysteme GmbH, which was established in 1992, focused on filling liquid and slightly viscous effective ingredients in spray cans and pressureless pump atomizers. However, constant developments in filling and process technologies have opened up new opportunities and shifted the company’s focal points, which are now on sealants and adhesives, gels, greases, oils, and pastes in the automotive, building chemistry, and household market sectors. Niche products and special solutions round out the company's offerings.

Today, the company regards itself primarily as a contract filler of 2-chamber spray systems; developer and packaging manufacturer; supplier of ready-to-sell products for industrial, chemical, and sales companies, and manufacturer of brand goods.

Vario-Pack offers its customers comprehensive support for realizing the products to be sold, whether the correct selection of valves and adapters or practical packaging in cartons that fulfills all market and customer requirements. Vario-Pack's machine park includes 6 filling lines that were designed and built to fulfill very specific requirements. Currently, the VARIO-PACK team consists of 19 employees.

Over time, the company has developed many different adapters for a wide variety of products and areas of application and established a broad spectrum of possibilities for customers. The goal is always to offer customers and end customers the greatest possible convenience for application.

For example, it is no longer necessary to first cut open a cartridge, mount it in the suitable pistol, and then press the material out with constant pressure/levering by hand. No: just screw the adapter on and go – after use, seal it up and use it again later. 

The application of grease also offers clean, easy handling.

Thanks to the integrated, long-lasting brush on the adapter, this system can be used to apply product directly to the desired location. In the past, the company has also created special niche products and applications in close cooperation with customers and developed these products into established brand-name products.

Today, the product-line of Vario-Pack's customers includes many successful products that have been on the market for more than 20 years and are very popular with end customers thanks to their unique “easy” and practical application form, quality, and cost-effectiveness. Would you like to get to know Vario-Pack and its services a little better? Scan here for  the image video:

The two-chamber system

In contrast to conventional aerosol systems, VARIO-PACK's two-chamber pressure cans include a flexible interior bag to be filled with the product.. The propellant is in the outer “chamber” – that is the can.

When the valve is pressed, the pressure acts on these specially formed interior bags and dispenses the product they contain. Propellant and product are therefore strictly separated at all times.

Vario-Pack manufactures two-chamber can systems with interior bags made of aluminum, polyethylene, and laminated composite film, as well as piston systems.

Two-chamber pressure cans are made for dispensing highly viscous pastes, cremes, and gel ingredients in their original consistency. Thanks to the strict mechanical separation of effective ingredients and propellants, there are no changes to the product itself. 

Various sealants and adhesives, as well as greases for DIY and professional applications are a wide area of application.

The much easier handling and shorter working time for silicone and acrylic application is the decisive advantage as compared to cartridge and pistol. Another example is the application of adhesives, for example MS polymers and pastes. Anaerobic adhesives can also be filled in this system – previously these were only available in small, impractical plastic bottles. Now, however, they can be applied much more easily and effectively.

There are great opportunities for new products with new, improved formulations in the cosmetics sector – without preservatives and with easier and more hygienic application than tubes and pots were able to offer. Of course, nothing stands in the way of use for liquid products as well. Some sprays require pure dispensing without propellants – and of course, this system is ideally suited for that.

In addition to the pure dispensing of the product, the two-chamber can offers other advantages, such as 360° application (even without appropriate valves) and emptying of up to 99.8% of product thanks to the special shaping of the bag. The product is hermetically sealed and can therefore be stored for several years without adding preservatives or changing its properties.

As compared to liquid propellants, propellant air is exceedingly insensitive to temperature fluctuations – so it works without problems at outdoor temperatures from -30 to +50°C and therefore raises no concerns with regard to functionality, safety, and reliability.

However, with the use of liquid propellants, their environmental impact should not be neglected: here, the quantity required is much smaller than for most commercial aerosols. Only approx. 7-8 g of gas is required to completely empty the can, while some conventional aerosol sprays require 10-20 times that quantity.

Pure innovation – VARIO-PACK valves and adapters

Generally, all valve / spray-head combinations on the market can be used to match packaging perfectly to the product or application in question. 

However, the use of products such as silicone, MS polymer, adhesives, etc. makes the selection of valves very important. Especially for the use of pasty ingredients, rubber-free Pageris® valves were modified for use in two-chamber cans.

With valves for conventional suppliers, there are frequently problems with the compatibility of rubber in the valve and the ingredient filled. The materials react with the rubber, harden, and/or discolor the product, thus making application impossible. 

For special applications, the company also makes its own, modified valves; appropriate adapters; and caps; entirely according to product requirement and customer request.

In addition to selection of the valve, the application itself is also an important point that requires the correct selection of adapter. Across the years, the company has developed and enhanced many different adapters for a wide variety of applications. 

NEW – vertical-adapter

The Vertical adapter is the latest development. Now there is also a combination of the proven Pageris ® valve systems and a vertical application. It is appropriate for the “can-in-can dispensing system” and mounted permanently on the can so it is a ready-to-use product.

The adapter has a tamper-evident closure and is activated easily by pulling the lever out to the side. It can be used to dispense precisely and easily. By pressing the lever back into the original position, the adapter is then secured against inadvertent triggering. The spout at the top is the same as that for the paste adapter and can be replaced if necessary. Please scan here, to see our product video

Paste adapter 

The paste adapter was developed especially for pasty ingredients. It is screwed onto the valve and enables easy handling. The upper part of the transparent spout is intended to define the thickness of the thread by cutting at the appropriate segment, if needed. Even if the spout has been cut at the top, the screw cap guarantees secure sealing so that the effective ingredient will still be available for later use.

Even a dried-out spout can be cleaned easily after unscrewing the handle adapter. Thanks to the special interior shaping, it is possible to pull out the dried-out part and then the spout is ready for use again. 

Brush adapter

For the design of the brush adapter, special value was placed on easy application of the filled material. Complicated removal from a can with a spatula is now a thing of the past. This brush adapter, when screwed onto a can filled with grease, for example, offers the user a dispenser system for material that includes an application tool. Comfort and immediate use of the product are crucial here. Brush adapters are available in several color and fitting variants, and of course they are compatible with all Pageris® valve systems. Furthermore, in addition to standard variants with natural bristles, nearly any application can be accommodated with individual fitting options (e.g. aramid, brass, steel, etc.).

Brush protection Slider

Thanks to feedback from numerous users, VARIO-PACK has developed a brush protector for the brush adapter. This way, the cover protects residual product on the brush from gathering dust or becoming contaminated. Because the sleeve seals completely, equipment in the working area is not contaminated, so the product can be put safely into a toolbox, for example. The transparent design enables immediate identification of the contents for colored products.

After-the-fact mounting is no problem since the slider can simply be snapped on. The brush protector can also remain mounted on the adapter, as it can simply be pushed back; this keeps it from getting lost. Take a look at the product video here.

Precision adapter 

For fine, precise applications where the concern is sparing, precise application, the precision adapter is just the ticket.

With an opening measuring just 1.6 mm, you can apply an appropriate bead even on small parts. The small protective cap prevents the product inside from drying out.

Do you have an interesting product or maybe even a “problem product”?

Then please contact Vario-Pack - new challenges and customer-specific solutions are among VARIO-PACK Sprühsysteme GmbH's core competencies.

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