Aerosol Valve & Actuator Leader PRECISION announces the launch of two radically innovative Actuators:

SMART 35 & STYLISH 52, powered by the disruptive STORM® Technology

PRECISION is proud to announce the launch of two radically innovative actuators

The first actuators powered by the disruptive STORM® Technology - which negates the need
for the insert while keeping excellent spray quality - SMART 35 and STYLISH 52 also benefit
from radical designs: one piece, no insert, extremely light and without overcap. This new
generation of actuators from PRECISION offers to the aerosol industry players an innovative solution
to the increasingly complex question: “how to generate savings in improving sustainability”?
SMART 35, the lightest cup-fitting all-in-one actuator on the market.

With an exceptional optimized weight of only 2.0g and with no need for an overcap,
SMART 35 is the lightest one-in-all actuator on the market, offering the same functionalities - including
the spray quality - as the current more complex and heavier actuators. One-piece, one-resin, elegant,
convenient, and ultra-light, SMART 35 is the ultimate reference for combining savings and sustainability.
With this cup-fitting actuator it is even possible to optimize both packaging cost and inventory by using
SMART 35 for a complete range of different can diameters.

STYLISH 52, the new reference for sustainable and cost-efficient spraycap actuators
“Powered by the STORM® Technology and by design significantly lighter (just 4.6g) than competing
products, STYLISH 52 is a unique market solution. Its one piece, one resin, elegant and convenient
design makes it the right choice for combining savings and sustainability. Despite its ultra light weight,
STYLISH 52 offers a superior top load resistance. STYLISH 52 is a spraycap fitting 52mm
diameter tin plate cans.”

The modern and elegant designs of SMART 35 & STYLISH 52 make them perfect options for Personal
Care or Household segments, among others. The two actuators, mono-piece and, mono-resin PP,
are available with PCR option. Benefiting from the new and disruptive generation of economic and sustainable actuators?
It all starts with you.

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