LINDAL Group donates hand sanitisers to key workers

LINDAL Group have collaborated with Ball Corporation and Reabrook to design, produce and fill 25,000 cans of Rainbow hand sanitiser.

As part of the company’s continued efforts to help combat the COVID-19 pandemic, LINDAL Group, through its UK subsidiary, have collaborated with Ball Corporation and Reabrook to design, produce and fill 25,000 cans of Rainbow hand sanitiser. 

The 25,000 cans of hand sanitiser were split equally between the three companies and then donated within the local community to selected good causes which included hospitals, care homes, schools, charities and the emergency services. 

The work behind the sanitisers involved the development of the new formula and 12 weeks of stability testing. They were packaged using Ball Corporation’s aluminium aerosol cans which accommodates LINDAL’s valve and actuator technology, and then filled on one of Reabrook’s high-speed filling lines and safety checked with leak detection and pressure testing to ensure safety for consumers. 

LINDAL Group have now completed the distribution of these hand sanitisers within the Leighton Buzzard, Luton and Milton Keynes areas. 

One of the recipients, Luton and Dunstable University Hospital is the nearest hospital to LINDAL’s UK subsidiary in Leighton Buzzard. Isabella Gilmore, Charity Assistant said “Thank you for your kind donation of hand sanitiser for all of us here at Luton and Dunstable Hospital. We really appreciate your support - you are all amazing!” 

Cedars Upper School and Linslade Academy in Leighton Buzzard, have also received a donation of the sanitisers. Angela Herbert, Facilities Manager said: “Hand sanitisers have quickly become an essential item for us all, so it’s perfect that we’ve been able to hand these out to all of our staff members. The aerosol packs are so much better than a gel and easy to fit in your pocket - thank you so much for the donation!” 

Speaking on behalf of the LINDAL Group, Kashif Choudhry, Group Marketing Manager, said “To combat the impact of COVID-19, a lot of hard work from key workers within the local community has been done to protect the vulnerable, take care of people and to continue society functioning as normal as possible. We are aware of the wonderful job that so many people are doing and with the increasing demand for hand sanitisers in all settings, it has been a pleasure to donate thousands of cans of hand sanitiser to support those who need them the most.” 

Kashif added: “The feedback we have had from the local community has been overwhelming and we are very proud to have worked on this project alongside Ball and Reabrook” 

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