LINDAL Group launches Flip440, a new actuator with integrated overcap

Aerosol dispensing leaders LINDAL Group have launched Flip440, a new spray head with an attached overcap, suitable for both technical and home care applications.

LINDAL have improved the design of their existing ST440 actuator and incorporated a convenient hinged overcap, to ensure that the cap does not get lost when the product is in use. The hinged overcap also eliminates the chance of accidental actuations, which is particularly important when dealing with technical products that could cause skin irritations or create a mess. Finally, the overcap can easily be lifted and the product can be dispensed with one hand, improving the overall consumer experience. 

Flip440 is a 35mm diameter actuator that snaps onto the mounting cup, making it compatible with all popular cans on the market. The great selection of tube sizes can be supplied either separately or fitted on the actuator, making it particularly suitable for technical and home care applications such as air dusters, break cleaners or lubricants. Flip440 is compatible with LINDAL’s wide range of valves and Bag-on-valves. As with a variety of standard LINDAL products, there is also the potential to manufacture Flip440 with PCR resin. 

Group Marketing Manager, Kashif Choudhry, said: “The launch of Flip440 is another example of how we work with customers and listen to their needs to propose innovative solutions. We appreciate that with technical applications people may be in areas that are particularly busy and therefore overcaps can easily go missing once removed from products. By making some small design changes and incorporating the overcap, we are confident this new product will improve the consumer experience.” 

For customers looking to acquire functional samples or for a detailed product sheet, please visit the LINDAL website or contact a member of the LINDAL team. 

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