P&G’s Secret body spray brand embrace the benefits of Eco-Valve

Salvalco are proud to announce their most recent launch with Proctor & Gamble’s Secret body spray brand for women.

Utilising the Eco-Valve technology, the all over body spray, which is both aluminum and LPG free, is a new category for the brand and marks their first venture into the all over body spray market. Available in peach & vanilla blossom and fresh lilac & waterlily scents, the Secret whole body deodorant was created to use on your underarms, underboobs, thighs, privates, feet and more!

Launched in the USA, Secret is already a household name and is in the top five deo brands by volume sold in the aerosol category - popular with consumers. Similar too is the growing demand for ‘do it all’ sprays that are not just deodorants but gentle enough for other areas of the body too.

Peter Shaw, Managing Director, Salvalco said: “As popularity for Eco-Valve grows, it’s wonderful to have another household brand on board and fully embracing the benefits of our technology. It’s certainly no secret - Secret continues to be one of the USA’s most popular aerosol brands and this launch into full body spray marks an exciting development and new chapter for them. This is our first project with the Secret brand, and we are delighted to be collaborating with them. Eco-Valve offers many benefits, environmental and otherwise, but what’s also beneficial is the great feeling spray that nitrogen propellant offers - consumers love it. As the market leader in inert gas propelled aerosol valve technology, we are proud to support another brand from the P&G portfolio and look forward to future partnerships.”

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