PRECISION Unveils New Website: An Invitation to Discovery and Innovation

PRECISION, the global leader in aerosol valves since 1949, is proud to announce the unveiling of its new website.

Meticulously redesigned to cater to the needs of aerosol professionals, the updated site offers an intuitive interface for effortless navigation, allowing users to directly explore PRECISION's standout products.

Highlighted on the site are disruptive solutions such as the SMART 35, the market'slightest all-in-one actuator, and the STYLISH 52, a unique solution powered by STORM® technology. These innovations underscore PRECISION's commitment to merging savings with sustainability while delivering top-tier products.

Whether you're passionate about cosmetics, packaging, or innovation, PRECISION extends an invitation to join its global network. As the founder of the modern aerosol industry and a global supplier of aerosol valves, the company boasts 17 facilities in 15 countries across 6 continents. This unmatched global reach provides significant advantages for your aerosol valve or actuator supplies.

"Our renowned motto, 'It all starts with you,' is vividly embodied in our redesigned website, emphasizing user-centric design and spotlighting industry-shaping innovations," states Olivia Schmidt, Group CCO and VP Sales & Marketing.

The site also introduces a 3D configurator, enabling professionals to easily visualize their projects and craft new concepts in seconds.

PRECISION invites all executives, managers, brand heads, buyers, and packaging development professionals to embark on an exploration of the enhanced site and to be a driving force in the "sustainability AND savings" evolution.

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