Sustainability at the heart of LINDAL’s new platform

Aerosol dispensing experts LINDAL Group have launched an innovative and sustainable new platform that helps products reach the market quickly.

Officially unveiled at ADF Paris in January, the Mini Engine Platform incorporates new actuator designs made from Post-Consumer Resin (PCR), a material produced using recycled plastic waste. The patent-pending technology works by separating a one-piece actuator into two elements: an outer body made from 100% PCR and an internal ‘Mini Engine’ which produces optimum spray performance. Existing manufacturing technology can be re-utilised to produce the platform, making adoption simple and economical.

Kashif Choudhry, LINDAL Group Marketing Manager, said: “Sustainability is obviously very important to our customers, and thanks to the Mini Engine’s credentials, businesses can make a positive environmental difference.”

He continued: “The platform’s launch has been, and continues to be, an exciting time for us, and were bowled over by the response the Mini Engine received at ADF Paris.”

Flexible and smart

Not only is the MiniEngine Platform sustainable, but once it is adopted into the  industry it will enable products to be brought to market quickly too. Only the outer body tooling equipment and simply customisation of assembly lines is required to implement the platform, reducing both product development time and costs. In addition, product stability and spray performance testing can begin straight away, without the need to finalise the product design. Once the Mini Engine is validated, repeat testing is not required.

The actuator’s outer body can be adapted for standard can diameters ranging from thirty-five to sixty-five millimetres and larger, with several different colours and stock designs available. If more bespoke specifications are required, customer specific designs can be created.

The new platform’s tagline: ‘sustainable, flexible, smart’ reflects the diverse capabilities of the platform which LINDAL believes makes it a comprehensive and compelling offering as the industry responds to the sustainability challenge.

Kashif added: “The Mini Engine Platform’s versatility makes it effective across a vast spectrum of product designs and applications. Coupled with the reduction in product development time, enabling a faster time to market, we believe the platform is universally appealing.”

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