Tubex wins German Packaging Award 2023 in the category Designing and Processing

The award-winning innovation „Minimalist“ is a big part of Tubex sustainability strategy.

The patent pending Minimalist concept is a unique and stylish dispenser mostly made of aluminium. The goal of Tubex‘  recent dispenser development was to substitute as many plastic parts as possible with aluminium to offer brands a close to monomaterial packaging (≥ 95 %).

The substitution enhances the recyclability of the whole aerosol can immensely and will be best in class when assessed according to the upcoming packaging and packaging waste regulations (ppwr).

The dispenser not only excels in its recyclability but also in its unique design possibilities that offer brands a whole new distinguished look at the point of sales.

With the development of the dispenser Minimalist, Tubex shows that its holistic sustainability approach is for real. Together with the patented alloy Neucan 3.1, which reduces the weight of the aerosol can significantly compared to standard monobloc aluminium cans, Tubex offers a new level of stylish, recyclable and ecological packaging.

The German Packaging Award Ceremony was held on 14th September in Berlin and 34 innovations from England, the Netherlands, Austria and Germany were awarded and 4 Gold Awards.

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