A conversation with Matt Dass

Managing Director, Springfield Solutions, Kingston upon Hull, Great Britain

AEROSOL EUROPE: This year, you were a first-time exhibitor at the Aerosol & Dispensing Forum in Paris. What is your impression of this event?

Matt Dass: Overall, I was very impressed with ADF as not only was it the first time we had exhibited, but it was also the first time we had visited ADF Paris. We had previously visited ADF New York and were somewhat underwhelmed but discovered Paris was on a lot larger scale and captured the aerosol industry perfectly.  

ADF gave us the ability to showcase our digital label solution for aerosols (SASO®) to a global aerosol audience. We did this through our exhibition stand, meeting and exploring the other exhibitors and presenting on the ADF Talks Stage. During the 2 day’s we made over 70 connections with fillers, manufacturers and industry publications who were interested in SASO® Ultimately, time will tell whether the show will produce the return on investment we are looking for however, short term, the profile of SASO® has been elevated to existing and potential customers within the aerosol industry which can only be a good thing.

ADF has given the business confidence that there is a definite requirement for SASO® in the GLOBAL aerosol industry. We are now developing strategies on how we can maximise on these global opportunities. We believe that ADF has been a steppingstone to deliver SASO® across the globe.

AEROSOL EUROPE: Does your participation in the forum mean that you are contemplating introducing your technology to the European aerosol market?

Matt Dass: In a word; YES! We are already decorating hundreds of thousands of aerosols using SASO® within the UK market, so see no reason why this can’t be adopted across Europe and indeed the World. We have a number of interested parties throughout Europe and are now in discussions with them to bring SASO® to the European marketplace.

AEROSOL EUROPE: Could you sketch briefly for our readers what the focal points of your production are?

Matt Dass: Our business has 3 divisions; Brand Management, Media & Innovation and Digital Print. We provide innovative digital solutions for the packaging industry in a wide variety of markets.

Our unique offering in the aerosol industry is SASO® - the Self-Adhesive Shrink-On label. It is the World’s first full height, digitally printed, self-adhesive label that provides seamless, 360º coverage for aerosol cans.

Previously, brand owners, aerosol manufacturers or fillers have had 2 available routes to decorate their aerosols; Printed cans or standard label application. Although, the printed can option allows brands to have full height 360º coverage the current printing process and supply chain has long lead times, minimum order quantities and all associated warehousing and write-off costs. The standard label application allows for greater flexibility, but leaves an unsightly gap at the top and bottom of the aerosol which brand owners do not want.

After 4 years in development, we successfully launched SASO® in May 2019 at BAMA’s (British Aerosol Manufacturers Association) Innovation Day in the UK. The SASO® label is applied using a traditional label applicator and then passes through a unique heat tunnel to shrink the label into the neck and base of the aerosol, giving the appearance of a fully decorated can when the cap is applied.

As the labels are printed digitally there are no minimum order quantities, dramatically reduced lead times and less warehousing and write-off costs.

We are now producing 100,000s of labels for a number of customers throughout the UK.

AEROSOL EUROPE: Which new technologies and innovations have you put on the market in recent years?

Matt Dass: In addition to the SASO® innovation described above we have also developed REVEALABEL® a digitally printed multi-page label to allow customers to add more content to their labels. 

SmartPicture® - a Print- to-Mobile App that allows consumers to scan any printed material and link to the Internet. And our most recent development AR for Packaging which we demonstrated at ADF Paris which allows users to scan their packaging to understand how to recycle it correctly.

AEROSOL EUROPE: How does the innovation process in general look at your company?

Matt Dass: I would say Innovation is at our very core as a business and our NPD & Innovation team work tirelessly to produce innovative solutions for the packaging industry year in, year out. 

Our Company is celebrating it’s 45th year in business this year and that is testament to the 4 pillars that underpin everything we do; Quality, Service, Honesty and Innovation.

Following on from SASO® in 2019, we have a number of very exciting innovations to bring to the packaging marketplace in 2020 therefore, I would say the general look of innovation at Springfield is very healthy. Watch this space!

AEROSOL EUROPE: What is your core market?

Matt Dass: We provide innovative digital packaging solutions for the following core markets; Aerosols, Automotive, Beauty & Cosmetic, Beers Wines & Spirits, Chemical & Cleaning, Health & Personal Care, Household and Paints & Coatings. 

AEROSOL EUROPE: Where in Europe and outside of Europe do you see markets with growth potential?

Matt Dass: We have received enquiries for SASO® from Spain, Italy, France, Holland and Poland all of which we believe have good growth potential. Outside of Europe China, Australia and USA have also shown a keen interest in SASO®.

AEROSOL EUROPE: What are your medium-term goals, in particular with regard to your sales in Europe and worldwide?

Matt Dass: Our medium-term goals are to see SASO® firmly established in Europe as a high quality, economical and flexible way of decorating aerosols. Longer term we hope to establish SASO® across the globe as the accepted way of decorating aerosols for today’s fast changing market place.

AEROSOL EUROPE: How do you see the future of “aerosols” in general?

Matt Dass: Firstly, from a UK perspective it is an industry that has seen growth and lots of innovation in recent years and believe this will only continue.

Secondly, after our recent visit to ADF Paris it seems like the aerosol industry is very much alive and kicking throughout Europe and the rest of the World.

AEROSOL EUROPE: Mr. Dass, we thank you for this conversation.