French aerosol industry 2019: Halftone year

The 2019 filled volume in France, all segments included reached 688 M units, vs 696 M units in 2018. This filling activity is still a good indicator or the industry dynamism.

The 2018 growth maybe created an overstock situation early 2019 explaining a slow start during first half of 2019. Therefore, the slight decrease of volume in 2019 was expected although relatively small. The industry maintains a strong hold within the rest of Europe (to be confirmed after the publication of FEA statistics after this summer).

Two segments are in slight decline: Bodycare and household. Other segments are growing. Bodycare is a well-established mature category in France subject to fluctuations (weather, fashion). This market is shared between major brand owners who are not all producing in France. There was also a tough competition last year that has probably given an advantage to imports. Regards to household category, a significative and unseen drop in production must be highlighted for air fresheners (-40 %). The major brand owners for that segment who are not producing in France have increase their market share in France. The insecticide/horticulture segment remains stable despite the French Biocide regulation. The growth for “other“ segment is pulled by Pharma/Veto category (+9 %), showing that French know how, and dynamism is recognized as a growth driver.


3% decrease for a total of 432 M units.

Deo and AP: -8 % filling in 2019

Deo and AP are decreasing since 2017. In 2019, 114,2 M units have been filled representing a 8% decrease vs previous year. Two phenomena can explain that slowdown. Maturity of that segment and other type of packaging competing with aerosols. Also, the dominating brand owners are not all French producers. 2019 saw some aggressive marketing activity from products filled abroad.

Hair Mousse and lacquer: +4 % filling in 2019

This sub-segment is the most important in terms of volume filled in France (167 M units) and is still growing. This growth is linked to a transfer of production in France initiated two years ago. 2019 showing the stabilization of that operation and showing an increase limited compared to the one generated in 2018 (+20,7 % vs 2017).

Shaving Foam and gel: + 1 % filling in 2019

Mature market keeping a small growth. “Hipster” fashion impacted more products destinated to beard care than shaving foams and gels.

Sun care, Water spray, Dry shampoo, other toiletries: - 8 % filling in 2019

This segment keeps decreasing (-4 % in 2018). It is meeting a strong competition from brand owners producing abroad. Globally these sub-segments are very versatile and linked to weather forecast or fashion.


4 % decrease for a total of 70 M units in 2019.

Air fresheners are showing an important drop in 2019 compared to 2018 where there was a 16,3% (vs 2017) growth.

Major international brand owners who are not producing in France have been fighting markets last year and this added to a media attack context on air fresheners in general can explain the decrease.

Insecticides and horticulture products: no variation of filling in 2019

There was no variation in filling in 2019 vs 2018 with a total filling of 28 M units in 2019. Filling in France for export established in 2018 was maintained in 2019.

It is important to highlight that the French regulation on Biocide implemented in 2019 tends to reduce this segment production for the French market. Another factor linked to weather forecast is also very impacting (mosquitoes, hornets…).

Other household (Textile, rugs, polishes, shoe care, ownen, kitchen cleaners…): + 160 % filling in 2019

20 M units in total have been filled for these various applications, meaning 12 M units increase vs 2018. Traditionally there is a slow rotation of these products. The increase maybe due to specialized filling for export more than domestic market.

OTHERS segment (cars & cycles – paints & varnishes – industrial & technical – pharma & veto – food & others)

4 % increase bringing the total to 186 M units in 2019.

Aerosols for automotive & cycles – paints & varnishes – industrial & technical: no change in filling in 2019

This segment remains stable, temporarily stopping a growth that was identified since 2015.

Pharmacy and veterinary products:

+ 9 % filling in 2019

Traditionally that segment is strong in France, linked to know how and expertise which is recognized by multinational brand owners.

The products concerned are also impacted by evolution of diseases and viruses.

Food (and others) : + 9 % filling in 2019

New growth for that sub-segment that had drastically decreased in 2018 vs 2017. The percentage growth must be put into perspective of volumes: 3,6 M units.

Source Results based on reported figures from members and non-members of CFA. Methods Filling figures for years 2017, 2018 and 2019, as per described do not include inhalers.

Insights 2020

2020 should be an exceptional year due to WW sanitary crisis. Globally filling should be reduced vs 2019 because of lack of consumers during lockdown, especially for industrial and technical products or body care products.

However, the French industry will be remembered as reactive and dynamic in adapting production for sanitary products. Many production lines have been changed in view to produce what society was requesting to fight against Covid-19. An increase of that segment is expected in 2020.

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