PRECISION’s new website, focused on YOU, goes online today

PRECISION, the global leader in aerosol valves and a major player in dispensing solutions, today unveiled a new version of their corporate website.

The new site is a further step in the new communication strategy initiated by PRECISION in the fall of 2019. PRECISION’s original message—based on offbeat and humorous visuals—was initially intended to address the Group’s existing and potential customers in a direct and assertive manner. The slogan adopted for the new website, “It all starts with you,” is a fitting summary of PRECISION’s strategy: to put the customer at the absolute heart of all the Group’s initiatives and its very organization. After this first phase in trade magazines and trade shows—meant to be a little surprising in a somewhat traditional aerosol industry—the new version of the website will go further and start answering the main questions of the company’s customers and prospects. Particularly in these challenging times—when many countries’ economies are still suffering from containment measures—the new PRECISION slogans take on an even deeper meaning.

“Placing you—customers, prospects, visitors—and the answers to your expectations at the center of the group’s communication has become a matter of course for a company that has been reinventing itself since its acquisition in 2018, and where all strategic decisions are now taken by trying to anticipate your needs. This is what tends to illustrate the new keywords, ‘Your safety, your serenity, your solutions,’” said Alexandre Basson, Marketing, Strategy, and Business Development Director of the PRECISION Group. “The launch of the new website will also be an opportunity to renew our paper communication in the next few days and thus align all our communications with YOU and the solutions that PRECISION intends to bring to you,” he added.

PRECISION encompasses around 1,500 employees, with its 17 facilities operating in 15 countries on 6 continents. For over 70 years, PRECISION’s innovations founded and developed the global aerosol industry.

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