Serving customers in our industry in the best possible way requires three essentials: best-in-class performance, outstanding quality and flexibility by our qualified employees based on our global footprint with presence on four continents

The world is constantly changing, with greater impact on our lives, our environment and our work. Due to COVID-19 we realize how close and connected we are in this world. In the process, values and abilities are becoming increasingly important, which move our thinking from wanting to acting.

Custom-fit solutions!

We enable our customers to focus on their core competencies because we shape their ideas. All we need is an initial drawing or even just a description
of the task. We take care of the rest, from conceptualization to design, manufacturing of the required tools, prototyping, production, quality control and after-sales service - fast and reliable! The ability to develop and build our own tools gives the Thomas Group maximum flexibility in terms of the materials to be used, the desired shapes and functions at competitive prices. This gives our customers the necessary freedom to focus on their customers.

Qualification campaign is key to future customer projects!

“Our principle is that every Thomas product is manufactured by a qualified expert. That is why we offer proven machine operators who have not yet obtained a professional degree corresponding to their job, a post-qualification as machine and plant operator,” the Managing Director, Stefan Benito explains the company's claim. With its qualification campaign, Thomas GmbH continues to improve the high quality of its products and services. In addition, the conditions for future changes, in particular the introduction of new products and processes, which will bring increased challenges to the employees, are now based on a solid foundation. The range of qualification opportunities is widely diversified. In 2019, employees of the quality control department completed courses for quality management specialists and qualified for the brand new automatic measuring equipment.

Sustainability and social responsibility

Customers rely and trust us as we exceed global compliance and ethic standards.
As an ISO 9001:2015 certified company, we stand for constant quality and care. But that's not all: We have revised our processes in all areas of corporate activity and have successfully completed the EcoVadis audit for Corporate Social Responsibility as well as several customer audits. As a group with strong European roots, fair working conditions and consideration for the environment are important for us. We are proud, for example, that the recycling rate for the raw materials used by the Thomas Group reaches values of up to 92%.

Global footprint for the benefit of our customers

Our long tradition as a group of companies producing on four continents is an obligation for us to always stay in motion. We move with the times and are always adapting to the changing requirements of our partners. We continue to drive forward the digitalization of the company as well as the continuous improvement of our manufacturing footprint. In the future, for example, we will increasingly combine the respective strengths at all locations, not only to become more efficient, but also to continuously improve the quality of our products and services. Digital interfaces will enable us and our customers to increase value creation. Since 1963, we have been growing our business together with our partners to become the worldwide leading independent supplier of tinplate and aluminum components for the aerosol, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries.

Because we perceive stagnation as a step backward, we leave cherished habits behind with the goal of getting better every day. We draw fresh strength from our tradition. We drive innovation and reposition ourselves in many areas. We engage with existing and new customers with fresh momentum so they can experience Thomas in a new way. In this spirit, we are driving change. In the future, we will continue to meet our customers’ challenges with precision and passion!

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